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2022 Zodiac Outlook

Watch all 12 videos on the precise outloook of every individual Zodiac sign.

Zodiac 2022: Welcome

Bai Tai Sui


2022 taisui.jpg

🐯 Tiger 虎 本命年
- Conflict Taisui (值太岁)

🐍 Snake 蛇
Harm Taisui (害太岁)
Torture Taisui (刑太岁)

🐵 Monkey 猴
Clash Taisui (冲太岁)
Torture Taisui (刑太岁)

🐷 Pig 猪
- Destruct Taisui (破太岁)

Above zodiacs who have taisui clashes, these are the remedies as proposed by Master Lu Xia 

1) Taisui Talisman 
- Pray at DFFT and get a Taisui Talisman to carry in your phone/wallet for year-round protection
- Cost: Pay-as-you-wish basis 随喜

2) Taisui Talisman + Energizing Ceremony 
- Get a personal energy blessing specially from Master Lu Xia to aid your endeavors
- receive a Taisui Talisman to carry in your phone/wallet for year-round protection
- Cost: $666

3) Personalised Ritual
- Customized ritual (daochang) to boost your wealth luck this year. 
- or to Remedy more serious afflictions (e.g. 本命年)
- Cost: varies with individual situation and request (please enquire with your name, recent pic and d.o.b)

✨When to pray:
Taisui prayers can be done any time from the 1st to 30th day of the first Lunar Month (正月初一至三十)
(Feb 1 to Mar 2) 
The best days are: 1st, 9th, 15th days of the first lunar month

Please take note of DFFT opening hours over the CNY period and make an appointment before you come. 

Energizing Ceremony will be held on ___ 
Personalised ritual will be arranged on a case-by-case basis

Zodiac 2022: About


Zodiac 2022: HTML Embed


Zodiac 2022: HTML Embed


Zodiac 2022: HTML Embed


Zodiac 2022: HTML Embed


Zodiac 2022: HTML Embed


Zodiac 2022: HTML Embed


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Zodiac 2022: HTML Embed


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Zodiac 2022: HTML Embed
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