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Introducing the Home Protection Talisman, consecrated by the esteemed Master Lu Xia and specially crafted by DFFT to safeguard your dwelling from unwelcome energy and negativity. 


Harnessing ancient wisdom and modern expertise, this talisman serves as a potent shield for your home, creating a haven of positivity and tranquility. Whether you hang it on your door or wall or place it in your living room or bedroom, its protective aura will permeate every corner, warding off negative influences and fostering an atmosphere of harmony.


Master Lu Xia's blessings infuse this talisman with unparalleled spiritual power, offering reassurance and peace of mind to you and your loved ones. Embrace the serenity of a protected home with the Home Protection Talisman—your guardian against the storms of negativity.

Home Protection Talisman

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