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Find out the information for our bi-monthly prayer activity


What we do

We represent all sponsors to give offering, pray and accumulate good karma and credits.

It is opened on normal days for all followers, but please make an appointment before heading to our venue.

When you are here for prayer

Do take note on the following when heading over to our venue

  • Hygiene

    • Wash your hands and mouth before entering the sacred venue​

    • Please use the bathroom. Avoid using the kitchen sink

    • Wear a mask at all times

  • Attire

    • Top with sleeves​

    • long pants or skirts over knee length

    • White socks

  • Avoid​ entering if 

    • ladies with monthly bio symptoms​

    • you have attended funerals for past 3 day


This a privately run praying venue sponsored by individuals. 

We welcome new sponsors who would like to contribute to our venue building, please contact any of our staff to indicate your interest.

All your donations are used to purchase items used for offering.  Items include food and drinks offering, expendables such as joss sticks, joss papers, candles and others incendiary items. We also use the funds in proper maintenance of the venue.

If you would like to join us in the building of our spiritual place, please drop us a message to indicate your interest

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