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What is meditation?

Meditation is a practice of "Zen". It is suitable for the modern people. It helps to purify the mind, focus, concentration and promote self-control.

Choose a comfortable environment with soft light to prevent distractions. Most people prefer to meditate in a green environment, in the mountain or river. You can also meditate in the comfort of your home as long as the light is not too bright or too dark in a quiet room. In this modern city, many family-meditation is practised. Besides achieving relaxation of the mind and body for the individual, it also improve harmonious family.

Calm the mind and close the eyes. It is also important to breath attentively. Expectorate out the foul air before you breath in. Keep your head straightened and relax without any thoughts. Gradually breath in through the nose and breath out from the mouth. Calm breathing will calm your mind. Beginners can achieve this with more practice.

Relax the body and put on a smile on the face. This is the basic element of meditation.

Do not tighten the facial nerve, it must be in a state of relaxation, or tell yourself in the heart to relax.

Place both hands naturally on the lap, shoulders slightly spread open and carry a natural cheerful mood with a shallow smile.

Disciple and a compassion heart. People who meditates pay attention to the law of nature and the law of life. Not to be bounded by greed, harbor compassion and gratitude.Generally, the gentle people can easily get into the state of meditation. The impatient people should meditate more for self-improvement.

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