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DFFT Community Consultation - QingMing Special
01 Apr, 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm SGT
Online Zoom Meeting
Prayer at 12pm
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FengYin Ceremony


Every year before CNY, we will have a proper ceremony to "send off" the Gods, this is where our God report to the Jade Emperor.
It is a tradition that we prepare big offerings for this ceremony to please our God for forgiveness and to speak better words to the Jade Emperor.

Burning Incense
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11 Jan 2023

Starting from the 20 Dec of the Lunar Month, there will be a 1 full month of hiatus of divine activities.

All God will depart our world back to heavenly kingdom to report their duties. 

Your karma will be duly recorded by the respective God; into the Deeds of Merits

We encourage all our followers to grace the event on the day and to receive blessing from Master Lu

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Blessing For Sponsors

This is day where Master Lu Xia will sing praises for all the distinguished sponsors of DongFangFoTang to Jade Emperor. 

Your sins will be forgiven.

Your good deeds will be enhanced with great blessing.

Your New Year will start with a boost!

Woman Praying
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For New

DongFangFoTang is a community built sanctuary for all followers of Master Lu Xia.

Your contributions will maintain the continuity of DFFT and future expansion into a world class spiritual sanctuary and institution for spiritual practice. 

After careful selection from Master Lu Xia, all eligible sponsors will be blessed by DongFangFoTang for the whole year

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About The Event

  • Date: 11 Jan 2023

  • Time: 1200pm

  • Location: DFFT 

  • Programme: Offerings and Prayers Live Zoom ceremony process by Master Lu Xia

  • Strictly by RSVP only

  • All attendees are welcome to bring your own offerings of your own wish on that day.

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