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    Sun, 10 Sept
    10 Sept, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm SGT
    Singapore, 26 Sin Ming Ln, Singapore 573971
    10 Sept, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm SGT
    Singapore, 26 Sin Ming Ln, Singapore 573971
    With the guidance of Master Lu Xia, we can work together to improve our health and protect ourselves and our loved ones from these illnesses. Let us take proactive measures to eliminate negative energy from our bodies and cultivate positive energy for a healthier and happier life.
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Please read this section

These are the frequently asked questions for our Sponsored Consultation for Friends and Family of DFFT. Please understand the terms and conditions prior to the event.

Q : Who is eligible to participate?
A : Any family and friends of DFFT members are all welcome to join in this event.

Q : How often is this sponsored consultation?

A: This event first started on 17 Oct, and we are planning to do it on regular monthly basis, follow our social media for regular updates. 

Q : What are the fees/pricing involved?
A : Everything will be fully sponsored by DFFT. We DO NOT collect a fixed fee. However, any amount of contributions to our DFFT will greatly appreciated

Q : Can members of the public take part in this event?
A:  Anyone is welcome to join in this sponsored event, however, priority will be given to F&F of DFFT. 

Q : Will the consultation conducted in private or in public settings?
A : Private. There will be 2 rooms during the event. 
1 public room for registration, 1 private room to meet with Master Lu Xia.
There will be an assistant in room to assist Master Lu in translation and notes taking.

Q : Can we arrange for a specific time to meet Master Lu during that day?
A : This event is opened to first come first serve basis and strictly from 12pm - 2pm. 
A preferred time might be pre-allocated for the guest to come online, so as to avoid congestion in the Zoom room.

Q : Will there be any difference between Master Lu’s PCS and this sponsored consultation?
A : Yes, This consultation will be giving you important advice which she think is imperative for you to know. 

For PCS, it will be a very detailed analysis covering all the aspects, but not limited to:



You can consider opting for this, after this event. Please contact Bei Bei at +65 8268 7105.

Q : What is the amount of time allocated per person?
A : With limited time slot and increasing amount of bookings , Master Lu will highlight important aspects that you need to take precaution. It should be a rough estimate of 5 minutes per person.

1 good tip for you. Do come with a question so that conversation can be focus for discussion

Q : How can we arrange for further advice if we express interest to pursue / mitigate?
A : You can arrange for a full PCS either online or in person, through Bei Bei at +65 8268 7105.

Q : Can we come in person to meet her during this sponsored event?
A : This event is done online via Zoom meeting. 
If you are keen , Bei Bei can assist you for appointment booking at +65 8268 7105.

Q : Can we take part without registration?
A : Pardon DFFT but registration is needed before anyone is allowed into the Zoom meeting.

Q : Can we register on behalf of my F&F with my own details?

A : All registered names are non-transferable. A final guest list will be presented on the day and the management staff will process accordingly. To avoid confusion, please be advised to provide full details of the guest to be present.

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