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Date and time is TBD



2024 Sponsorship Program

Abundance of Merits and Energies await

2024 Sponsorship Program
2024 Sponsorship Program

Time & Location

Date and time is TBD

Singapore, 26 Sin Ming Ln, #08-122, Singapore 573971

About the Event

- DFFT, our sacred sanctuary, accepts devotees annually for sponsoring the altar.

- Only prestigious and selected individuals deemed fit to grow spiritually are invited.

- Eligibility for sponsorship and prayer requires pure and kind-hearted intentions.

- Applications are now open for individuals to own a part of DFFT and contribute to its future.

- Contributions aim to expand to a larger venue for hosting important prayers and events.

- Sponsors will be invited to attend special gatherings and ceremonies.

- May Master Lu Xia's power and energy shine upon you.

- May all your woes be diminished, and may your karma debts be repaid.

- Join us in our journey toward spiritual growth and enlightenment at DFFT.


  • **4 Heavenly Kings **

    **Register for Selection 四大天王

    From $9,999.00 to $19,999.00
    • $9,999.00
    • $19,999.00
  • 8 Divine Stars


    Sold Out
  • 18 Arhats


  • Prosperity Lotus Lamp


  • ^^Candle Stand for Children

    ^^For Age 1-12 only 能量童子蜡台

  • ++Cash Donation

    ++To show your support to us! 随意乐捐




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