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Meditation Class

Energy Improvement Class

Available offline and online

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Free Online Energy and Spiritual Class Via Zoom Every Week

  • Following the mass outbreak of Covid-19, Master Lu Xia has foreseen that many lives will be affected by this pandemic.

  • A team of Singapore volunteers hopes to help more individuals to participate in a mass meditation where energy can be better focus and to give pointers for new comers

  • Class sponsor 东方佛堂 enhanced the effect of this meditation and feedbacks received are that individual doing this in group is much more beneficial than solitarily

  • This is a free session, we hope more friends can join us to embrace this spiritual learning


Bigu Healing Meditation via Zoom

Every 1st Week of The Month

Class fee : FREE

Sunday Monday and Tuesday

830pm to 930pm (SG)

830am to 930am (NY)

Zoom Meeting

  • Heal your body

  • Remove negative energy

  • Detox and revitalise your body organs

  • Recommended strict diet plan for maximum effect

  • Balance the Qi in the body

Suitable for all ages 

Children Senior and Pregnant individuals please seek advise from our facilitators


Energy Elevation Meditation via Zoom

Every 2nd 3rd 4th & 5th Week of The Month

Class fee : FREE

Monday and Tuesday

830pm to 930pm (SG)

830am to 930am (NY)

Zoom Meeting

  • Improve Spiritual Energy 

  • Revitalise Body Energy

  • Relieve Stress

  • Increase Luck

Suitable for all ages ​

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Energy Elevation Meditation via Zoom

Class information

Things to note

  • Have a Zoom app enabled device

  • download from

  • Place the device at a suitable height 

  • Turn on the Video function during the session

  • Recommended to wear our energised t-shirt and meditation mat during class.

Meditation tips

  • Sit in meditation position

  • Keep your mind clear from thoughts

  • Eyes semi close

  • Push your tongue on the roof of your jaw
  • Relax your body

  • Breathe slowly and constantly

  • Imagine you are the universe and the universe is you, you are as big as the universe

  • Imagine all your acupoints are opened and unobstructed

  • Imagine your pores are opened

  • Imagine white light flowing into your body thru the acupoints

  • Imagine you are under a waterfall and running water is the Qi falling on you

  • Imagine the Qi is flowing in your body

  • if you are with us, imagine energy is shining on you from the altar.

  • Continue for 30 mins

After Meditation

  • Rub your palms until they are hot

  • Imagine all your body acupoints are closed

  • Open your eyes slowly

  • Clench your fist 3 times

  • Imagine all the energy received are in the form of white lights kept in your lower abdomen, repeat 3 times

  • Pat yourself from head to toes and imagine all your sickness or pain are pat away. Repeat 3 times

  • Drink a glass of warm water after meditation

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