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The Living Prophet

Lu Xia is a globally acclaimed expert in Cosmic Energy Mastery.
Endowed with a preternatural ability to perceive and traverse the ethereal realm, she possesses an unparalleled capacity to decipher energy vibrations and foretell the future of individuals, locations, and events.

She is revered by her followers and disciples worldwide as their Spiritual Guide, educator, healer, clairvoyant counselor, and mentor.

Under her guidance, countless individuals have achieved their aspirations, while countless families have attained greater happiness and contentment.

Through her intervention, many corporations have enjoyed remarkable growth and achieved remarkable financial prosperity.

Master Lu Xia is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and consultant, providing her expertise to numerous corporations and organizations globally, including in the United States, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

Her mastery of Cosmic Energy has earned her the title of "Master Lu Xia" amongst those who have had the privilege of her acquaintance.

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东方佛堂 DFFT

At Dongfangfotang, Our mission is to create a tranquil and sacred environment where individuals can deepen their spiritual connections with no bias of color and religion.

 Founded by Master Lu Xia, this sanctuary symbolizes her unwavering commitment to promoting love and positivity throughout the world.

东方佛堂 romanised as "DONGFANGFOTANG" which means "Temple of The East".  Dongfangfotang, as known as DFFT in short, has been offering a haven for classes, prayers, meditations, and offerings since 2018.

Although it is currently an invite-only venue, we are determined to expand our reach and bring the transformative power of spirituality to a wider audience.

At DFFT, we believe in the importance of giving back to the community.

Led by our passionate committee, our monthly events, focus on channeling resources towards meaningful causes.

Join us on this journey to unleash your potential and remove obstacles in your life, by awakening your divine self and cultivate inner peace.

Our Team.

At Dongfangfotang (DFFT), we have a dedicated team of volunteers who are committed to making a positive impact on the community.

Comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds, these volunteers bring their unique life experiences to the sanctuary.

Having been inspired by Master Lu Xia, these volunteers have dedicated themselves to promoting positivity and making a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and organizations.


They are committed to helping others achieve inner peace through their contributions at DFFT.

Even DFFT is currently by invitation only, we are steadfast in our goal to expand our reach and bring the transformative power of spirituality to a wider audience.

If you are interested in joining us on this journey of positivity and gratitude, we welcome you to become part of our community.


Open daily from 11am - 5pm
By Appointment Basis

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